Why Choose POF Shrink Film

Compared with other plastic packaging films, POF shrink film has many advantages as follows. At the same time, this packaging film can be used for many product packaging. We are a high quality POF shrink film manufacturer in China. Because the processing and manufacturing method of POF shrink film is different from that of general packaging films, and its heat shrinkable packaging application method is also quite special. Therefore, there are extremely high performance requirements for the film itself.

Low shrinkage temperature

For end users to increase packaging speed and reduce packaging costs.

Wide working range of shrinking temperature

Improve the machineability of the film, so that the film can be easily applied to various new and old designs of shrink packaging equipment without greatly adjusting the packaging conditions.

Appropriate shrinkage rate and shrinkage force

Different packaging contents may require different shrinkage properties to match, which must be adjusted by formula and processing conditions.

High heat-sealing strength and hot-tack strength

For high-speed automatic packaging equipment, high heat-tack and heat-sealing strength are especially important, which can effectively reduce the rate of package leakage.

High mechanical strength

High tear strength, puncture strength and impact strength, which can reduce the leakage rate of the package and provide high protection for the contents.

High transparency and surface gloss

Make the package contents look more beautiful, improve product attractiveness, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

The main applications of POF shrink film

Cluster packaging for beverages

High shrinkage, high strength and high shrinkage are required.

Packaging of toys, medicine

Require good optical performance, improve shelf appeal, and require small "dog ears".

Packaging of books and magazines

High transparency and low shrinkage are required to prevent books from being rolled and deformed.

Food packaging

Small "dog ears" and high gloss are required; some also require low-temperature shrinkage to facilitate quick packaging or affect the contents.

Packaging of plastic utensils

In addition to requiring high transparency, high shrinkage and other properties, it also requires low-temperature shrinkage to prevent plastic deformation.