Silage Film Bale Wrap

Silage Stretch Film

Product Specifications

Width (mm) 250, 375, 500, 750
Length (m) 1200, 1500, 1800
Thickness (micron/um) 23, 25
Film Color Green, white, black
Core 3’’(76mm), paper core or plastic rigid core
Features High UV protection, excellent oxygen barrier, high puncture and tear resistance
Packing 1 roll per carton
Shipment FOB Qingdao China, CIF

Product Description

The silage film is used in agriculture to wrap silage bales to provide an oxygen barrier and promotes the fermentation of silage, feed mixes, hay, and maize. Bale wrap from Surpasfilm is chosen by global farmers who are looking for quality, performance and cost savings. Manufactured in China, the film is made of premium metallocene polyethylene by multi-layer blown production. The high puncture and tear resistance properties enable the film to cope with pressure from fodder plants with hard stems. It runs well on all types of bale wrappers, including 3D wrappers, square bale wrappers, and continuous wrappers.

Silage Wrap Film Supplier

We offer opaque silage film adding UV stabilizer, having a very low light through rate to avoid heat accumulation. Long usage period and the grass bundle packed with our silage film can be stored outside for one to two years. Our silage film is produced with high-quality raw materials, fabricated with co-extrusion film blown machines. Our production formula enables the silage stretch film to perform great in various applications. Its high mechanical strength (elongation, tensile) is suitable for all kinds of wrapping demands, especially for high-speed bale wrap machines. The silage stretch film determines the silage bale's forage quality. Our silage film can protect your bales with its excellent UV resistance, low oxygen permeability, tear and puncture resistance, and self-adhesion.

Product Features

PE Premium Material

High quality silage bale plastic film
Use 100% new LLDPE for silage bale wrap film, good film quality, and performance.

Optimal Adhesion

25 micron silage stretch film
Sticky film surface, strong bonding seal, high load retention, forming an anaerobic environment inside the package.

Long Lifespan

Silage wrap film stored in the wild
Fabricated with high-quality UV additives and colorants, enable the silage film has excellent performance during a high level of UV environment.

China Factory

Silage stretch film factory
China factory large output manufactures durable, best price and quality silage wrap film, saving costs for farmers and contractors.

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