Shrink Packaging Film

POF Shrink Film


Product Specifications

Thickness Gauge 40 50 60 75 100
Micron 10 12.5 15 19 25
Length (m) Center Fold 2000 1600 1332 1067 800
Single Layer 4000 3200 2665 2134 1600
Width (mm) Center Fold 150~1600
Single Layer 150~3200

Product Features

Shrink packaging film polyolefin SURMO SX is formulated to be compatible with high-speed continuous sealing heat shrink machines. The outstanding machinability, strong seals, shrinking properties of the film ensure excellent results. Its low coefficient of friction offers increasing output. Pre-perforation or customized perforation can be applied to SURMO SX, making easy machine set up.

The film's recycle code is SPI 04, which is categorized as LDPE. It is totally recyclable and reusable. Shrink packaging film POF SURMO SX meets direct food contact requirements (except when used for packaging food while cooking) and can be multi-color printed. Polyolefin shrink film SURMO SX can be pre-perforated, making it easier for shrink machine setup and increasing pack efficiency.

Product Advantages

High Transparent
High transparency and good gloss, can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve product aesthetics and attract consumers to buy.
High Shrinkage
After being heated, the film can reach up to a 75% shrinking ratio. Since it's a flexible packaging film, it can pack any shape of the product. It has largely replaced the market of PP shrink film and PVC shrink film.
Good Sealing
Can be sealed after heating, has high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic, and high-speed automatic packaging.
Cold Resistance
POF shrink film has good cold resistance and can maintain flexibility at -50°C without brittle cracks. It is suitable for the storage and transportation of packaged products in cold environments.
Food Safety
Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comply line with US FDA and EU food contact regulations and can be used for food packaging.

Shrink Packaging Film Applications

Shrink packaging polyolefin films are an excellent solution for packaging various products, making them protective and visually appealing. The key features of our polyolefin films are excellent strength and high packaging efficiency. The heat seal ability enables the film to form a barrier to protect the product against dirt, dust, and moisture. It offers attractive packing results in terms of appearance because of its high transparency and gloss. It is odorless, tasteless, and does not generate any harmful substances during the packing of the products. This safe and eco-friendly packaging film is very suitable for packaging regular and irregularly shaped products, such as boxes, cans, stationery, candles, toys, cosmetics, chocolate boxes, wallpapers, and so much more.

POF Shrink Film Manufacturer

Chinese company Surpasfilm produces POF heat shrink film, PE heat shrink film, hand stretch wrap film, pallet stretch warp film, and silage wrap film. Our vast experience and cutting-edge production facilities guarantee the excellent quality and certification of all of our products to standards that are widely accepted. Our entire line of packaging films is totally recyclable and safe for the environment. We provide specialized products based on customer preferences to satisfy the constantly shifting worldwide demand.

As a leading manufacturer of POF polyolefin shrink film in China, we have long produced these items, including center fold, single layer, perforated, printed, hot slip, high speed, and crosslink POF shrink films with a thickness range of 10um to 38um. Over 10,000 tons of shrink film are produced at our factory each year on five production lines, and we ship to 60 different nations. Because of our superior quality, competitive pricing, and good service, customers and wholesalers favor us.

SURMO SX Key Features

  • Stable continuous motion sealing for flow wrap shrink machines (HFFS)

  • Enhanced stiffness and machinability at high speed

  • Hot slip properties ensure the easy package

  • Enhanced elongation and tear strength

SURMO SX Technical Data Sheet
Property Unit Test Method Representative Value
Thickness micron   10 12.5 15 19 25
Tensile Property (MD/TD)
Tensile Strength MPa ASTM-882 115/115 115/115 115/115 115/115 115/115
Elongation at Break % ASTM-882 105/110 105/110 110/110 110/110 115/110
Seal Strength g/cm3 Internal Method 611 611 872 1025 1252
N/mm2 42 42 58 54 51
Tear Propagation g/cm3 ASTM-D1938 11 11 14 16 24
COF film to film Adim ASTM-D1894 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15
Free Shrink at 130℃ % ASTM-D2732 70/70 70/70 70/70 70/70 70/70
Optical Property
Haze % ASTM-D1003 1.2 1.2 1.4 1.9 2.4
Gloss photoc ASTM-D2457 140 140 143 148 148

Values listed are average test values to be used for information purposes, subject to possible variations. Films are to be stored in dry conditions below 35℃.

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