Polyolefin POF Shrink Film, is a plastic transparent packaging material. It's widely used as the final packaging for protection and multipack commodity, to maintain an attractive appearance to customers thus increasing your sales.

Polyolefin POF Shrink Film All to Know

What is Polyolefin Shrink Film?

Polyolefin Shrink Film or POF heat shrink film is utilized for various packing applications. It is utilized to protect or bundle commodities likewise books, stationery, toys, photo frames, cosmetics, foodstuff, promotional items, and so much more. The heat-shrinkable property enables the film to memorize to get shrink at a given temperature range. This is the most distinctive attribute that makes it can pack regular or even irregular shape commodities. As a soft and transparent plastic film, it adheres to the commodity's surface to form a tight and attractive package. Then the commodity gains the barrier to resistant damage caused by moisture, dust, and dirt.

Film Structure

When heated above polyolefin film's glass transition temperature, the polymer carbon chains gain enough energy to move. The polyolefin film turns its state from rigid to soft, curled to shrink wrap the products. As a polymer plastic film, it consisted of 3 layers or 5 layers, with a structure of PP/PE/PP or PP/PE/PP/PE/PP. Adjusting the layer's proportion will generate different film performances and properties such as strength, shrink ratio, heat sealing, tear resistance, etc.

How to Manufacture

It is manufactured by a dual-bubble process. The PP and PE resins are heated into melt conditions, then laminated through an extrusion die to generate a thick tubular multi-layer film, the primary bubble. After being water quenched, the bubble will be heated to a secondary bubble by re-inflated then stretching in both orientation directions. After bubble collapse and edge trim, the tube film rolls up.

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