Polyethylene Shrink Film

PE Shrink Film


Product Specifications

Thickness 25microns ~ 60microns
Width 100mm ~ 1800mm
Length 500m ~ 2000m
Paper Core 3’’ (76mm)
Shrink Rate 60% ~ 80%
Applications Beverages, drinks, beers, fruit juice, bottled mineral water, dairy, canned food, sanitary paper rolls, building materials, office supplies.
Packing Pallet
Shipment FOB Qingdao China, CIF

Product Description

Polyethylene shrink film, also known as PE shrink film, is the optimal and economical choice for a unit or collective packaging (e.g. industrial goods, beverages, cans, cartons, dairy products, construction materials, and many other products). It gets shrinks when heated, which enables it to protect the packages against external contaminations. It's the most suitable for both transport and storage of items to keep them clean and united. Characterized by flexibility and thick film thickness, polyethylene shrink film offers great resistance to stretching, cuts, punctures, and other mechanical damage for the packages.

Surpasfilm manufactures high quality polyethylene shrink films, which with good shrink properties, sealing strength, and machinability. Raw materials used to produce the film are sourced internationally from high-quality plastic resin suppliers. They're odorless and do not contain any toxic substances, which enables our film suitable for use in food packaging. Due to its stable performance, our PE heat shrink film can be used on a variety of shrink sleeve wrapping machines, sleeve wrappers, and heating tunnels. This shrink film also has excellent aesthetics, it's perfectly smooth and retains the required gloss.

Product Features

Save Cost

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We use standard plastic raw materials, advanced co-extrusion blown machines, unique film formulas, and strict manufacturing techniques, to produce and wholesale good quality PE heat shrink film. The factory's high output offers stable supply and low prices.

Customized Product

heat shrink plastic film Polyethylene
We offer a wide selection from 100mm to 1800mm widths, and thicknesses from 25 to 60 microns, to best suit your requirements. The film can be a single layer, centerfold, or tube type.

High Performance

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Under heat application, the shrink film bundle together objects and shrinks them tightly, shrink rate between 60% and 80% in the machine direction, and 5% to 15% in the transverse direction.

User Friendly

Polyethylene shrink film
Suitable for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic sleeve packaging machines, heating tunnels.

Polyethylene Shrink Film Applications

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) heat shrink film has become the preferred packaging way for bundling items. It provides a sanitary, convenient, and low-cost packaging solution when bundling items. The light weight of the shrink film saves you money, compared with traditional corrugated paper carton packaging in transport and freight. Our PE heat shrink film is manufactured of high strength and toughness, ensuring your products are bundled stable during transportation and minimizing the product's sharp edges after packing. It has durable performance with time when long time exposed to sunlight. When the heat applicated (approximately 180-celsius temperature) from a heating tunnel or a heating gun, the film gets shrinking and tightly holds the product inside, to protect the product from dust, dirt, and shock. The shrink film's glossy shine lets the product inside stand out on the shelf, therefore it offers remarkable product display appeal to customers.

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