Polyethylene heat shrink film, abbreviated as PE heat shrink film, is a plastic packaging material with an extremely wide range of applications. You have exposed to it every day, although you often do not even realize it.

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Polyethylene Heat Shrink Film

All to Know

What is Polyethylene (PE)?

Polyethylene is a material belonging to the group of polyolefins, i.e., polymers that consist only of carbon and hydrogen. It is made up of CH2 = CH2 units. Polyethylene (PE) polymers are semi-crystalline thermoplastics characterized by a high degree of toughness and very good chemical resistance. Compared to other plastics, polyethylene generally has lower mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.

What is Shrink Film?

Shrink film refers to plastic films that shrink when exposure to high heat. Depending on the direction of shrinkage, usually it's been classified into biaxial (symmetrical) and monoaxial (one-sided) shrinking films. In packaging industry, shrink films are used to bundle goods or protect products, and also secure pallets. Shrink films are usually produced by co-extrusion process as so-called blown films from plastic granules. The plastic molecules are stretched and oriented in the longitudinal and transverse directions during the blow molding process. This orientation is broken again by applying heat using hot air or infrared radiation (approx. 120-220°C) – the film shrinks.

What is Polyethylene Shrink Film?

Polyethylene shrink film is one of the most-manufactured plastic packaging material in the world. Due to its good insulating and resistant properties, the packaging industry can no longer be imagined without it. PE films are extremely resistant to aggressive substances and mechanical influences. All types of PE shrink film from Surpasfilm are made from high-quality low-density polyethylene, which, with its low density, stands for a high level of flexibility in the use of materials. In our product range, we have single wound shrink film and centerfold shrink film in order to optimally respond to the shape and type of the packaged goods.

How to produce Polyethylene Shrink Film?

Blown molding is the production method to fabricate PE heat shrink film. The polyethylene resins are being heated in melting conditions at screw extruders, then inflated through a circle die by giving air pressure. The film is oriented in single bubble to the desired blow up ratio and film thickness.

What are the applications of Polyethylene Heat Shrink Film?

Polyethylene heat shrink film is primarily used for bundling or packing items such as beverages, cans, jars, bottles, etc. It protects these items from dirt and theft, giving them greater stability during transportation and distribution.

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