Manual Stretch Wrap Film

PE Stretch Film

Product Specifications

Width (mm) 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 750
Thickness (micron/um) 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20
Length (m) 300, 400, 500, 600
Paper Core 2’’ / 3’’
Elongation 400%
Applications Multipurpose shrink wrap, pallet wrapping, gift wrapping, fragile item wrapping, etc.
Packing 4 / 6 rolls per carton
Shipment FOB Qingdao China, CIF

Product Description

Our manual stretch wrap film is produced by highly elastic plastic resins and strength formulation, to ensure the best protection for the packages. The film is easy to use and will wrap loads fast by a few exerting forces. It sticks to itself without adhesives and clings tightly to objects. This film is a cost-effective packaging material for safe and secure shipment delivery, saving time and resources. It can be used on a stretch wrap dispenser to increase your packing outputs.

Stretch Film Manufacturer

Surpasfilm is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic packaging films, including manual stretch wrap films, automatic stretch wrap films, silage stretch wrap films, polyolefin heat shrink films, and polyethylene heat shrink films. Our products are characterized by consistent quality and cost advantages thanks to our extensive production experience and high output. We have always believed that the formulation and production technique for shrink and stretch film must be consistently maintained, not altered to attain the lowest price. To guarantee steady film performance, we only use 100% virgin raw materials. We regard each client's needs and make every effort to fulfill their expectations. Based on the requirements of our clients, we can offer private labels, unique product specifications, and custom packaging, among other specialized solutions.

Product Features

PE Premium Material

stretch wrap film plastic raw materials
Use 100% new LLDPE for hand stretch wrap film, good film quality, and performance.

Powerful Stretching

Strong stretch wrap film
High toughness and puncture resistance

Easy to Use

stretch wrap cheap
High stretch rate and viscosity, good tear resistance, not easy to break.

China Factory

stretch wrap manufacturers
The daily production capacity exceeds 20 tons, stable supply.

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