Automatic Stretch Wrap Film

PE Stretch Film

Film Specifications

Width (mm) 300, 400, 450, 500
Thickness (micron/um) 15, 18, 20, 23, 25
Length (m) 1500, 1200, 1000
Paper Core 3’’ (76mm)
Elongation 400%
Applications Pallet wrapper, stretch wrap machine, rotary arm stretch wrap machine, luggage wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping machine, etc.
Packing 1 / 2 rolls per carton
Shipment FOB Qingdao China, CIF

Product Description

Our automatic stretch wrap film is produced by highly elastic plastic resins and strength formulation, for use on vertical or horizontal wrapping machines. The film offers high load containment, it's able to hold any type of object on a pallet. The excellent film strength allows the products to be tightly wrapped. It ensures good protection of the package from dust and dirt when handing it in the warehouse and during transport.

Stretch Wrap Film Supplier

As a professional manufacturer, Surpasfilm has produced various types of automatic stretch wrap films for global distributors and agents for years. We provide you the film with high quality standards and can also customize products according to your usage requirements. Our extensive experience and advanced facilities guarantee all our products are of high quality and hold certifications according to globally recognized standards. As a factory in China, we have long produced only these products. The accumulated manufacturing experience and huge output allow our products to have stable quality and price advantages.

Product Features

PE Premium Material

stretch wrap film plastic raw materials
Use 100% new LLDPE for pallet stretch wrap film, good film quality, and performance.

Superior Load Retain

automatic stretch wrap film
Stable self-viscosity, excellent puncture resistance, prevent cargo falling down during transportation.

Widely Application

machine stretch wrap film
Good machine compatibility can be used for a variety of stretch wrap machines.

China Factory

stretch wrap manufacturers
The daily production capacity exceeds 20 tons, stable supply.

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