Polyolefin Shrink Film

Shrink Wrap Film

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Surpasfilm is a plastic packaging film supplier located in the world’s factory China, specializing in the shrink film and the stretch wrap film, including:

Polyolefin Shrink Film (POF shrink film) 
Polyethylene Shrink Film (PE shrink film) 
Manual Stretch Wrap Film 
Automatic Stretch Wrap Film 
Silage Bale Wrap Film 

At Surpasfilm, our experienced technicians and large manufacturing capacities bring you the best quality products, on-time delivery, and lower sourcing costs. Our packaging films are exported to clients across the globe and applicable to a variety of packaging machines. Produced by advanced machines with five layers extrusion technique to ensure quality stability, accurately online film quality control. With over many years shrink film and stretch film manufacturing experience, quality is our priority.

Polyolefin Shrink

polyolefin shrink film roll manufacturer
Soft transparent plastic packaging film, heat shrink, using for L-sealer, food grade, multi-purpose shrink film.

PE Shrink Film

polyethylene shrink film pe shrink film for sale
Soft plastic bundle film, heat shrink, collective packaging industrial goods, beverages, cartons, dairy products, construction materials.

Hand Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap Film Manual
Wrapping cargo, reducing collapse risks, preventing cargo shifting when storage, gift wrapping, fragile item wrapping.

Pallet Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap Film Automatic
Pallet shrink wrap, waterproof, anti-dust, bundle cargo for shipping, excellent elasticity puncture resistance.

Why Choose Us?


Quality First

At Surpasfilm, we only manufacture quality packaging films that satisfy our strict standards.

Cost Savings

With our efficient mass production, the packaging film cost always keeps at a competitive level, both your business performance and profitability can improve.


We specialize in this field and has been a trusted Chinese supplier for various users, distributors, and importers since 2011.


Surpasfilm's experience and know-how can respond to your needs quickly and accurately.